She Prevails Custom Designs

My name is Val Hardy! I’m a Mompenuer, Photographer, Designer, and Metal Health Advocate straight out of Houston. Obviously we specialize in doing it all (haha)! She Prevails was founded in 2015 while coming out of a dark place. I myself suffer from High Functioning Depression and Anxiety. I decided I needed to start something that would grab my attention and She Prevails did just that. Although I still deal with, I took my Mental Health Illness and grew something amazing. I started with photography and it led too custom shirts and accessories then something more amazing… helping people through their Mental Illness. Please feel free to look around and put a order in!

We make it all! Shirts, tumblers, bags, robes, fur slides, hats… you name it!! If there is anything yo don’t see please feel free to contact us by email or social media and we will be happy to help you!

Covered: Custom Clothing, Cups, & Crafts

Just a crafty Mama loving Jesus!

I do custom designs on anything you can think of. If it can be customized I can do it! My personal favorites are faith cased apparel for kids. We have to teach them while they are young that they represent Christ! Glitter tumblers are another favorite and everything looks better when its dripping in glitter. Every item you see can be customized from the item its on, to the colors, to the words!