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Tiffany Williams, Texas Realtor At Your Service

So, you want to buy a house?

Are you buying from a builder, or a resale home? What’s the difference in process? Or maybe you have your eye on a home you’ve seen in a certain area? Has that house previously flooded? If so, should you still buy it? What about flood insurance? What type of loan works better for your long-term goals? Or if you’re already a homeowner, are you ready to invest in a rental property?

The first step in answering any of these questions is to pair yourself up with a knowledgeable and honest realtor. Many of us know any number of realtors, but all realtors are not created the same.

Since I’ve been in the Houston Real Estate Market, I have built a great network of clients based on referrals. My clients told their friends and family about me, who then became my clients, and the cycle continues. And I can say, I find no greater compliment than my clients trusting me to handle their loved ones’ business.

I keep myself updated on the market trends as well as the year to year legal updates. In this manner, I can keep my clients educated and informed so that they can make the best decisions regarding their real estate process. And having done business in our city, I have built and will continue to networks with other business owners in order to serve my clients as fully as possible.

For any of your real estate needs, please call or email me TODAY at (713) 298-5911 or  I have clients all over Houston and its surrounding cities. Bilingual (English/Spanish)