Keep Swinging

It has been said that the best hitters in baseball have a visual acuity that far exceeds that of any other type of athlete. In fact, it has been reported that the best player’s vision is closer to 20/12 than the 20/20 vision most people experience. So, not only can they see better than most, they, necessarily, have to focus harder and move faster. Why? Because hitting a three inch ball moving at speeds greater than any allowed on every major freeway in America is hard! However, despite those improved skills and heightened senses, statistics show the best hitters in the game miss nearly two-thirds of the time. How is it, then, that they become the Satchel Pages, Ty Cobb’s and Jackie Robinson’s of the game? One word… perseverance.

The best players realize that the path to greatness isn’t determined by how often they fail, but instead by how often they swing for the fences. The same can be said for those successful in business. No matter how many times a person swings and misses an opportunity, they have to be willing to step up to the plate and swing again. All of us, no matter how great or small our accomplishments have to keep playing to win.

Life is going to throw us some hard pitches. Some fast, some curved and yes, some sinkers, but we have to keep swinging. Only then, do we have a chance to knock it out of the park. Right now, life may have you down by one. You may feel like you’re at the bottom of the ninth with two outs and two strikes, but don’t be afraid. Keep your eye on the ball, focus and keep swinging for the stands. Maybe you’ll miss. Maybe you’ll strike out. But at least, you’ll be in the game.

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